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US Futsal ... Game of Futsal. ... LAW I – THE PLAYING COURT.

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Futsal is a simplified version of football that has immensely grown in popularity in recent years.

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Futsal is played on a field with hard surface and the lines drawn on the field limit the area in which the game is being played.

Futsal not an Olympic sport?

FutsalFeed brings you the latest futsal news from the world.

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Futsal has gone through several rule changes over the years.

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Do You Want To Know What The Positions In Futsal Are?Find Out Everything You Need To Know SO You're Ready For Matchday!

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The small-sided game that is big in much of Europe and all over the world; our quick guide to watching futsal.

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Séan Garnier, freestyle World Champion, shares his thoughts on freestyle, skills, futsal and out-skilling Neymar!