I think everyone has their priorities in life in one way or another. The priorities may be positive or negative relative to a particular person. But the question is, what is it, why do we need it? is not it worth it or is there no value for life?

Yes, we do not need prioritization in life, we have to resort to this world no matter what happened. “THE FUTURE BELONGS TO YOU AND THAT DEPENDS HOW YOU WORK NOW HARD, SO IT STILL TALKS YOUR ASS AND WORKS UNTIL YOU OVERWHAT WHAT YOU WANT.”

Also should be your priorities,

SELF – The highest priority, until you and YOU and yourself have to be. If you have no priority, you can not keep a priority list when you’re dead, right? Healthy and full of energy. Taking care of yourself is not your priority, it also marks the bucket list of your parents and your dream carrier you want to see, no matter what happened. So, you have a good reason to keep yourself healthy and intact, to keep the smile of your parents and the closed. When you are well, your top priority is to see your parents good for everyone.

PARENT Yes, you are the only person in your life, you are not the person whose perception you want to change in your good days. You support me at all difficulties.

EDUCATION – Do not neglect your grades, I repeat, never neglect them. Do not listen to the stereotypical dialogue “notes do not matter and a single sheet of paper can not change my life”, yes, they play a role and have decent grades is not really a tough job. Remember, academics are the only things holding back if you have no choice.

CAREER – That’s what you do in your time. Be serious about what you do and take it as a challenge to reach the heights in which you want to be seen.

RELATIONS – The state of connection to your loved ones. It does not make sense to be in a relationship if you can not be self-sufficient in the future, drop the plan right there and focus on your career and figure out how to improve. In a strange time, it’s about how you know each other and how you react to the circumstances and improve each other when you’re in love.

And for a bit of humor in this life, there are other priorities that you can approach with humor, such as:

They also play an important role in their own lives.

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